General Director of Trade House Atletika Boris Lipner summed up the results of 20225

Despite the shocks that occurred in the global and Russian economies in 2022, the wholesale section of the Trade houses "Athletics" managed to maintain sales volumes. There were no cardinal changes in the range of a number of there are new buyers, - said Boris Lipner in an interview with a corporate publication.

Boris Lipner noted that the year brought a number of significant changes in relations with Asian and European partners in terms of logistics and workflow. These problems had to be solved on the go.

At the same time, the growing crisis in China is forcing Asian companies to look for new partners in Russia, actively offering your products. The company was visited by several delegations from China. Offer of European products also remained, however, European suppliers significantly increased prices. For 2023, the wholesale company PROMET planned a small increase, - said Boris Lipner.

Генеральный директор ТД «Атлетика» Борис Липнер подвел итоги 2022 год6